Int’l conference on ‘Concepts of Islamic Economy’ held in Indonesia

Indonesian major university has hosted international conference on Islamic economy with a view on the situation in Iran and Indonesia.
Publish date : Sunday 9 September 2018 16:15
Code: 357249
International conference on ‘Concepts of Islamic Economy’ was held in the faculty of economic studies at Raden Fatah State Islamic University as Iranian professor detailed ‘Islamic Economy in View of Islam’, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).
A member of Iranian delegation visiting Indonesia major Islamic university, Doctor Veisi, explained the history of economy in view of Qur’an as a prelude to Qur’anic verses banning usury and also contradictions of usury with Islamic system of economy.
The meeting also attended by university students and professors included a discussion panel where Iran’s Doctor Veisi related on repercussions of US sanctions on Iran and regional countries.
‘Perseverance and patience are the sole ways to confront the sanctions’ he said and vowed a shift in the current situation through hard work and struggle.
A delegation of Iranian scientific and religious elites from University of Islamic Denominations (UID) are on a visit to Raden Fatah State Islamic University in south Sumatra, Indonesia to exchange views and discuss ways for expanding academic cooperation between the two countries.