Iran to boost trades with Turkey to $30bn

"Iran aims to enhance trading with Turkey to some $30 billion," Iranian Ambassador to Turkey Taherian said.
Publish date : Saturday 14 July 2018 09:00
Code: 343004

Mohammad Ebrahim made the remarks on Thursday during a joint session with managers and members of the Izmir Chamber of Commerce.

The two countries have some 600 km of shared borders and three official customs posts, he said, adding, “this capacity should be used to reach the $30 billion business goal.”

He went on to say that Iran-Turkey trade volume now reaches some $12 billion. “This volume of trade can easily be increased tripled via bilateral cooperation of the two countries private sectors.”

Efforts to conduct trade using national currencies of the two countries have reached “good” stage and this will be feasible soon, he highlighted.

Turkey is the first choice of Iranian tourists, he said, adding that number of Iranians visiting Turkey has been increasing year on year and last year some 2.5 million Iranians made trips to the Northwestern neighboring country.