‘Nobody’ to vie at 2019 Student Academy Awards competition

Directed by Elham Toroghi, Iranian animated short ‘Nobody’ has been accepted to vie into the 2019 Student Academy Awards competition.
Publish date : Monday 28 May 2018 14:55
Code: 333508
‘Nobody’ will vie at the 2019 Student Academy Awards competition, the winners of which will be eligible for Oscars consideration.

The short animated piece has been previously announced to compete at the 13th Neum Animated Film Festival in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the 11th BUEU International Short Film Festival in Spain.

It will also participate at the 15th In the Palace International Short Film Festival in Bulgaria on June 23-30.

The 9-minute animation which features no dialogue, is the story of a white cat who lives in a city of black dwellers. The cat makes many attempts to get food but none of the residents pay any attention to him. The cat is also bullied by other cats who are also black like the residents. Until one day the cat meets a small white bird and decides to live with the bird.

‘Nobody’ had received a Golden Butterfly nomination for Best Short and Semi-Feature Animated Film Screenplay at the International Film Festival for Children and Youth Awards in Iran.