Union of Muslim Scholars call for end to violence against Muslims

Union of Muslim scholars has denounced the recent US air strike against Qur’an school in Afghanistan’s Kunduz calling for an end to crimes committed against world Muslims.
Publish date : Tuesday 10 April 2018 12:37
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Union of Muslim scholars has issued a statement on Monday slamming air strike hits gathering at a madrasa (religious school) in northern Afghanistan region which has left hundreds dead and injured, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).
Muslim scholars in this statement have condemned the US and its allies for killing of Muslim civilians in this incident.
“This massacre of Qur’an activists, scholars and Muslim preachers is in line with constant attacks against Islam” ran part of the statement and criticized silence of the governments which leads to violation of the rights of Muslims.
Union of Muslims scholars also urged Arab and Islamic countries to take measures for immediate end of such crimes against Muslims saying that religious fraternity necessitates that Muslim states severe their ties with perpetrators behind these tragedies.
Dozens of civilians, including children, have been killed in a US air attack on a gathering at a religious school in the Northern Province of Kunduz on Monday.
The attack has led to death of at least 70 people including several children