Iran, Turkey ink food agreement

President of the Confederation of Iranian Food Industry Associations and Head of the Turkish Central Union of Agricultural Credit Cooperatives inked a food agreement between Iran and Turkey on Sat.
Publish date : Sunday 8 April 2018 11:38
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“Iran and Turkey, as two big states in economy which are ranked under 20 in GDP in the world, as Iran is ranked 18th and Turkey is ranked 13th, enjoy huge capacities for joint cooperation,” said Seyyed Mohammad Reza Mortazavi.

The Iranian official made the remarks on the sideline of the signing ceremony of a food agreement between Iran and Turkey at the venue of Iran’s Chamber of Commerce in Tehran. Fahrettin Poyraz, the Head of the Turkish Central Union of Agricultural Credit Cooperatives, represented his country at the event.

“Meanwhile, the huge potentials of the two countries should be tapped and, as food industries are of prime importance and significance for both Iran and Turkey, signing the agreement can lead to further development of cooperation between the two countries,” added Mr. Mortazavi.

Mr. Poyraz, in this meeting, for his part, hailed the neighborhood of Iran and Turkey as a positive point contributing to political strength of the two countries.

“Also, the two side are among the effective and bold countries in the geography of the Islamic world,” he highlighted.

“Signing this food agreement in areas of food and agriculture can make Turkey and Iran as complementary states compensating for the shortcomings of each other,” Fahrettin Poyraz said.