China aims to create over 13M jobs in 2018

China targets to create over 13 million jobs in 2018, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said on Tuesday.
Publish date : Wednesday 21 March 2018 11:29
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According to the country’s official Xinhua news agency, Li said the minimal target was 11 million, but the Chinese government will work hard to reach the aim.
More than 66 million of new urban jobs were created over the past five years, he said, adding that at least three million new rural migrant workers will seek jobs in cities in 2018.
"It is the responsibility of the government to provide stable job opportunities for these people," Li was quoted as saying by Xinhua.
There were about 280 million rural migrant workers in cities, he noted.
Li added the government has to work "very hard" to ensure jobs for college graduates, demobilized military personnels and workers affected by the cut of overcapacity.