Interpretation of Adam's (AS) story in Qur’an published

An onset to story of prophets in the holy book of Islam, Prophet Adam (AS) has drawn the attention of Iranian author to discuss the spiritual eminence and guidance of man.
Publish date : Wednesday 21 February 2018 15:28
Code: 313590

“An Interpretation of Adam’s (AS) story in Qur’an” is the latest book by Madjid Salehi, to express his views on anthropology as one of the most important lessons to guide human kind, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).
Story of Adam (AS) and decoding its different aspects has since long been the focus of Muslim elites and Qur’an interpreters making the leading story for majority of writings by authors of religious stories.
Author of the newly released book has endeavored to compile the views by different interpreters on the story of Prophet Adam (AS) to express his analysis with sufficient reasoning.
“An Interpretation of Adam’s (AS) story in Qur’an” is in 12 chapters from a general view on story in Qur’an to the Qur’anic language in telling a story.
Among other chapters of the book are Adam’s (AS) story in Torah and Bible, story of Adam (AS) and Darwin’s theory of Evolution.
Madjid Salehi is a member of the academic board at the Faculty of Arts in Tehran University.