4% increase in production of sodium sulfate in Iran

The CEO of Iran Mineral Company said that the production of sodium sulfate in the company increased by 4 percent in the first nine months of the Iranian year compared to the same period last year.
Publish date : Tuesday 2 January 2018 14:45
Code: 302855
Reza Orouji, the CEO of Iran Mineral Complex, said on Tuesday that during the first nine months of the Iranian year (beginning on 21st of March), 139,755 tons of sodium sulfate were produced, including 94,600 tons in Arak factory and 45,155 tons in Garmsar branch.

He stated that Iran Mineral Complex has met 75 percent of domestic sodium sulfate.
The annual production of sodium sulfate in Iran is between 180-185,000 tons, but in addition to the production, something between 60-90,000 tones are imported annually to meet the domestic needs.

Iran Mineral Mineral Company was established in 1984, while its Garmsar branch started working in 1995.