Meaning of Unity is formed through disputations: Iraq's Foreign Minister

​"The title of the 31st edition of the Islamic unity conference is of prime importance and should be put it into practice," Iraq's Foreign Minister stressed.
Publish date : Thursday 7 December 2017 21:24
Code: 297915

Making his remarks in the closing ceremony of the Islamic unity conference, Iraq's Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jafari hailed Islamic Republic of Iran for holding unity gathering stressing, "the title of the 31st edition of the Islamic unity conference is of prime importance, and we should put it into practice."

Backend to the presence of religious thinkers and elites in this gathering, the Iraqi political face demanded participants to do their very utmost in promoting unity among Muslim nations.

Jafari beckoned to the standing setbacks and problems in the World of Islam noting," by parting Muslims and increasing division in the World of Islam, enemies have hardly damaged the World of Islam."

Beckoned to recent achievements gained in Iraq and Syria, the political face held faith and self-confidence as the main reason behind Muslims' triumph against DAESH.

The closing ceremony of the 31st edition of the Islamic unity conference was held in Iranian capital city of Tehran on Thursday with religious thinkers, clerics and elites accross the globe in attendance. 

In this conference good decisions have been made and effective proposals have been offered by the attendees. The event did its very utmost to ease the way for forming modern Islamic civilization.