Moving US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Baitul Muqddas is waging war against world of Islam

Grand Mufti of Palestine warned US officials about the backlashes of recognizing Baitul Muqaddas as capital of Israel and said such move will cause instability and disaster and considered as declaration of war against Islamic world.
Publish date : Tuesday 5 December 2017 12:17
Code: 297313
According to Taqrib News Agency (TNA), Palestinian Grand Mufti, Sheikh Mohammad Hussein said moving US capital from Tel Aviv to Baitul Muqaddas is not only a direct attack against Palestinians but all Muslims across the world.
He added that changing the location of US embassy to Baitul Muqaddas is violation of International laws because this holy city is an occupied land and this move will not serve peace and security in the region but will cause instability, war and disaster.
Palestinian Grand mufti said Arab Palestinians and all Muslims will not recognize Baitul Muqaddas as Israeli Capital and do whatever they can to prevent this move.