Sunni prayer leaders in West Azerbaijan stress:

Islamic Unity Week, opportunity to boost

Sunni community in Iran’s Western Azerbaijan Province showed massive turnout in Friday prayer to hail the arrival of Islamic Unity Week as an opportunity to boost solidarity among different denominations.
Publish date : Saturday 2 December 2017 15:08
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Iranian Sunni prayer leaders in Western Azerbaijan Province in their Friday sermons marked the Islamic Unity Week and stressed the occasion as an opportunity to boost solidarity among Muslims as a means to resist plots hatched by enemies, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).
Boosting Islamic government in the light of solidarity, cooperation
Mamusta Abdul Qader Beyzavi, prayer leader of Urumieh, in his Friday sermon stressed,” To boost Islamic government happens in the light of solidarity and cooperation and enemies, knowing the fact, are struggling to hatch plots and spread hostility to weaken Muslims.”
He warned against constant efforts by enemies to divide the nation and said people should maintain their solidarity as a way to resist hostile plots.
He vowed that Sunni scholars from Western Azerbaijan Province will attend the 31st Islamic Unity Conference and that such conferences will strengthen the relations between all Muslims.
Prayer leader of Shahindej, noted that Islam is in pursuit of unifying the global community particularly Muslims.
Mamusta Hasel Baleqchi, in his weekly sermon, alluded to Qur’anic verse on importance of unity among Muslims (verse 103 chapter Al-e-Imran) and said,” Muslims who distance from society are doomed to serious failures and final punishment.”
Religious, fraternal relations, strongest tie among Muslims
Prayer leader of Shahindej noted that all people are equal in their rights and no one is superior to the other unless for their good deeds. 
Mamusta Baleqchi noted fraternal and religious relations as one of the strongest ties and stressed that people should safeguard respect for themselves and all their other brothers.
He reiterated unity as the key message of Islamic Revolution and said,” We have achieved the victory of Islamic Revolution in the light of unity among different Islamic denominations and all ethnicities in our country.”
Iranian cleric warned against the US and Zionist regime of Israel as the major enemy of Qur’an, Islam and Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).
Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), messenger of peace and friendship
Mamusta Abdul Rahman Khalifezadeh, prayer leader of Bookan, also praised the prophet of Islam as the messenger of peace and friendship who struggled to put an end to division and establishment of solidarity among Muslims.
‘It is a mission for Muslims to avoid sectarianism and religious prejudices’ said Mamusta Khalifezadeh and warned against the high finance budgeted for dividing Muslims by enemies.
He praised unity as the key to all victories achieved by Muslims and said,” Previous experiences have proved that Muslim unity has led to victory against enemies of Islam; hence, Muslims should rise against enemies in a unified body.”
Islamic nation should focus on commonalities
Mamusta Mostafa Mahmoudi, prayer leader of Piranshahr, called the birth of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) as a light which enlightened the whole world amid a time of atheism and darkness.
He said,” To bring unity among people has been an objective behind sending prophets to people” and added,” Two axes to unify all Muslims include to set Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and holy Qur’an and also to maintain solidarity against intrigues.”
Prayer leader of Piranshahr stressed Islamic Unity Week as the best time to boost pillars of unity and discouraging enemies from hatching plots among Muslims.”
Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), axis of Islamic unity
Mamusta Jalala Moradi, interim prayer leader of Takab, noted Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) as the axis of solidarity among Muslims and said,” Birth anniversary of the prophet is the grounds for more solidarity among all Muslim nations.”
Calling Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) as the greatest blessing for the world and vowed for the best ceremonies to mark the birth anniversary of the prophet of Islam, dubbed as Islamic Unity Week, as the best ceremony ever.
Islamic Unity Week is a week including birth anniversary of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) marked by Muslims from different denominations across the world of Islam. The naming has happened at the initiation of late Imam Khomeini (RA) in a bid to bring Muslims from different schools of thought together.