Waqf guard barred from al-Aqsa after protecting mosque from 'Israeli invaders'

Israeli authorities have banned the guard of an organisation administrating the al-Aqsa compound from entering al-Aqsa Mosque and Jerusalem’s old city for nearly three weeks.
Publish date : Friday 1 December 2017 16:04
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slamic Waqf guard Hamza Nimer was detained by Israeli police for a number of hours on Tuesday. He was later released providing he does not enter the Old City of Jerusalem and al-Aqsa Mosque for 20 days.
The Islamic Waqf is a Jordan-based organisation which administers the al-Aqsa compound and its staff are considered to be employees of the Jordanian government.   
The Waqf has previously blasted Israel from banning its employees from entering the holy site and preventing them from carrying out their work duties.
Earlier this year, Nimer was banned from the al-Aqsa compound and barred access to the mosque for six consecutive months from April. He is among various guards who have been banned from entering al-Aqsa after preventing Israelis from violating rules which do not allow non-Muslims to enter the mosque.
Jewish Israelis commonly storm al-Aqsa Mosque and prevent Muslims from worshipping. At times they do this with the deployment of Israeli special forces to protect them while they storm the mosque and attack worshippers.

Non-violent resistance

Earlier this year in July, Palestinians in Jerusalem initiated a mass campaign of civil disobedience for 12 days and nights in defiance of Israeli security measures, which are widely viewed as an attempt to assert control over the holy site.
In addition to boycotting entry to al-Aqsa, thousands have led sit-in protests and held daily prayers in the Old City, filling the streets with worshipers.
With Palestinians in Jerusalem politically leaderless, the mass non-violent movement has been led by religious leaders and community organisers.