Persian version of “An Introduction to Salafi Discourse” published

Persian translation of the book on Salafism has been released in Iran to focus on new religious sects including some of the most important organizations affiliated with Salafism in the modern time.
Publish date : Sunday 23 July 2017 08:18
Code: 276275
“An Introduction to Salafi Discourse” is the title of the book by Marvan Shahada which has been translated into Persian by Mohammad Kazem Jafari, Iranian journalist.
The author who has been in close ties with some of Salafi-affiliated organizations, has tried to analyze regional and global causes behind this change of discourse in two levels of ideological and diplomatic performance.
Part of the book reads,” The process of Salafi-Jihadi discourse introduces a new political ideology distinguished from traditional Salafi discourse. This discourse, in view of its followers, has tried to solve the shortcomings in previous discourse. This discourse has set the team, political, jihadi work as a role model while the traditional discourse of several decades has been in contrast with that.”
The book is in eight sections out of which the first section is on “Islamic Discourse” and the second section on “Basic Meanings in Salafism”.
“Salafi-Jihadi Discourse: Appearance and Basic Definitions” is the title for the third section while the fourth one focuses on “Political Discourse of Salafi-Jihadi Movements.”
The other four sections of the book focus on “International Relations and Categorization of Lands”, “International Organizations and Takfiri-Jihadi Discourse”, “Influences of Current Salafi Discourse Changes on International System Structure” and also “Salafi-Jihadi Movements and their Range of their Influence.”