“Psychotherapy and Councelling with Islamic Approach” published

Iran’s Samt Publication has released book on application of Islamic approach in psychotherapy.
Publish date : Monday 19 June 2017 13:31
Code: 272116
“Principles of Psychotherapy and Councelling with Islamic Approach” by Masoud Janbozorgi and Seyyed Mohammad Gheravi, is the latest publications on relations between religious principles and the way a psychology expert should behave in regards to his profession, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).
The book in four sections theology, ontology, anthropology and eschatology relates on all healing stages and is expected to contribute to different councelling and psychotherapy expert.
The book is a maiden move in showing the way a psychologist can explain his professional activities based on an Islamic role model.
Part of the introduction in this book explains that the modern psychology relates on methodologies of psychotherapy based on anthropology and ontology.
The book is expected to be followed by another version which includes the load of articles which have been omitted from the present publication due to limitation and objective of specifying the book for university source.