History of Slafi movement stained with Muslim blood

Prominent Egyptian scholar criticized the recent meeting of a Salafi leader with Sheikh Ahmad al Tayyeb, grand Sheikh of Al Azhar, calling that a tarnish to reputation of renowned Egyptian academy.
Publish date : Wednesday 18 May 2016 11:11
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Sheikh Ahmad Karima, Fiq’h professor at Al Azhar, denounced the meeting of Al Azhar great figure with Salafi leader saying that the history of Salafi movement is stained with Muslim blood, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).
He said,” Grand sheikh of Al Azhar stands in a higher status than one meeting with ignorant calling themselves as Muslims rather he should meet people with a reformist and bright minds.”
The cleric said ideological and military violence in the region are inspired by Salafi thoughts; hence, Al Azhar should be protected from these ideologies.
Egyptian Sunni cleric warned,” Salafi followers excommunicate all other Islamic communities and their claims of fighting extremism are mere lies and vain brags.”
This is while Sameh Abdul Hamid Hamuda, a prominent Salafi figure, has rejected possibility of Islamic proximity calling the effort as a move to convert Sunni Muslims into Shia community.
Salafi leader has also said,” Relations with Shia Muslims will lead to promotion of their ideas among Sunni Muslims.” stressing Qur’an and lifestyle of forefathers as the only path to be taken by all Muslims.