Iranian Sunni scholar stresses:

Supreme Leader, harbinger of Islamic unity, esteemed by Sunni community

Unity, if it prevails, will be followed by victory and that is when enemies of Islam, Daesh and Zionism will be incapable of resisting against Islam.
Publish date : Wednesday 8 August 2018 08:33
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Akhoond Abdulrazaq Rahbar, Sunni Friday prayer leader in Aqqala, in an interview with Taqrib News Agency (TNA) called Hajj pilgrimage as greatest occasion for Islamic communities to know about each other and the most influential factor to unite Muslims.
He hailed Hajj as an opportunity when people get to know the religious, ethnical and national traits of other people to figure out their commonalities with themselves.
Manager of Erfani school in Golestan Province alluded to the holy Qur’an highlighting the social aspect of Hajj pilgrimage and said,” According to the holy book unity is the greatest achievement of Hajj for the Islamic nation since it leads to piety and esteem for other people.”
Iranian Sunni scholar stressed the loyalty and respect for the Supreme Leader as the harbinger of solidarity and said,” When unity prevails there comes the victory and it is only then that enemies of Islam, Daesh and Zionism cannot stand against Islam.”
Akhoond Abdulrazaq concluded that,” Mutual understanding, boosting fraternity and settling religious disagreements among Muslims are the greatest achievements of Hajj.”