Cleric calls for boosting unity morale among Shia, Sunni

Prominent Sunni cleric from Iran’s Gonbad-e Kavus city stressed maintaining the morale of solidarity and cooperation among different Islamic denominations following the recent unrest in Iran.
Publish date : Wednesday 10 January 2018 13:14
Code: 304649
Akhoond Aman Igdari, manager of Qur’anic center in Igdar Sofla, Gonbad-e Kavus, in an interview with Taqrib News Agency (TNA) said the recent unrests in Iran have shown that Iranian nation do not cope with rioters recognizing them as the puppets of the foreign elements.
He slammed any violation of the people’s rights and vandalism in an Islamic society stressing that perpetrators should pay for the damage they have made.
Iranian Sunni scholar highlighted that the enemies are irked by the unity and cooperation of the people with Islamic Revolution and the system noting,” One of the reasons behind outbreak of the recent unrests in the country was to distance the nation from authorities consequently topple of the system.”
“We should maintain our support for the Islamic revolution and system away from any violence and extremism” he added and hailed the local people for keeping vigil against any provocation in the region.
Akhoond Igdari reiterated that the shortcomings and problems should be legally followed and referred to the legal frameworks for holding protest gatherings.
He said,” Legal methods are apt for the wise citizens who do not permit other ways to express their issues.”
Akhoond Aman Igdari stressed the constructive role of criticism and collective efforts to fulfill the demands of all.