Women should not walk away from responsibilities: religious instructor

Religious instructor in France extended his gratitude to Islamic republic of Iran for its role in unifying Muslims from all Islamic sects.
Publish date : Monday 11 December 2017 11:53
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Religious instructor in France, Kolthoum Fathi in an exclusive interview with Taqrib News Agency (TNA) thanked the World Forum for Proximity of the Islamic schools of Thought for mounting Islamic unity conference and playing host to religious thinkers and elites.

Participated in recent Islamic unity conference held in Iranian capitcal city of Tehran, Fathi urged Muslim women to be more active in the realm of unity stressing, "Women should not walk away from their responsibilities."

To her, Muslim women should to play their part in promoting unity and solidarity in the World of Islam; "they are capable of doing so, for they enjoy special status in the divine Islam," highlighted the religious thinker. 

In her line, promoting unity is critically important, and can bring prosperity for Muslim countries; accordingly, if Muslims get united, they can spring a big surprise in the world and overtake their enemies in various areas.

"It is upon Muslim nations to conform to Isalmic teachings, and they should honor their commitments to this religions and their Islamic societies," stressed the religious thinker.  

The religious instructor demanded Muslim nations to strike up conversations for solving their problems.

Elsewhere in her remarks, Kolthoum Fathi placed emphasis on the necessity of upholding age-old religious traditions, noting by observing and marking these traditions, Sunni and Shiite Muslims can unite based on their shared values.