Islamic Unity conf. urges Muslims to believe in themselves

​Friday Prayer Leader of a Sunni community in Oshnouye stressed International Islamic unity conference urges Muslims from all sects to believe in themselves and be autonomous.
Publish date : Thursday 7 December 2017 19:26
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Friday Prayer Leader of a Sunni community in Oshnouye, Mamousta Seyyed Mostafa Khatami in an exclusive interview with Taqrib news Agency (TNA) on the sideline of the Islamic unity conference urged Muslims to be autonomous.  

Beckoned to former editions of the international religious event, the religious cleric underscored, "the main difference of this conference lies in its emphasis on the prime importance of modern Islamic civilization."

"Islam is an alive and dynamic religions in all perspectives," stressed Mamousta Seyyed Mostafa noting the religion's principles and instructions are not limited to specific times or group. "The religion has plans or all era  and all human kinds worldwide."

Friday Prayer Leader of a Sunni community in Oshnouye went on to stress, "If Muslims believe in themselves, then they can be independent."

"Such situation in which Muslims are independent, Modern Islamic Civilization can be formed," pointed out the Sunni cleric.