Unity obviates problems Islamic Ummah besets by

"Forming modern Islamic Civilization can obviate all setbacks the world of Islam is grappling with," stressed an interim Friday Prayer Leader of the Sunni community in Urumiyeh.
Publish date : Tuesday 5 December 2017 06:52
Code: 297283

The interim Friday Prayer Leader of the Sunni community in Urumiyeh, Mamousta Yahya Esmaeili in an exclusive interview with Taqrib News Agency (TNA) expatiated on the benefits of forming modern Islamic civilization noting, "unifying the Islamic society is counted as the most important element of today's society which can be secured, obviously enough, by the emergence of modern Islamic civilization."

Beckoned to the vital importance of Islamic unity as the basis of the civilized and modern society, the religious cleric asserted, "the enemies of Islam are afraid of Muslims' solidarity and unity; inasmuch as, they know if unity is formed among Muslims, the arrogance will be purged forever in the world."

"Only though forming modern Islamic civilization nations can get mobilized against the enemies of Islam," pointed out the Sunni thinker noting enemies' attempt for controlling Muslim nations will be in vail, if Muslims get united.

"The divine religion of Islam and roadmaps based on Islamic teachings are great opportunity for shaping modern Islamic Civilization," underlined Mamousta Yahya Esmaeili.

The interim Friday Prayer Leader of the Sunni community in Urumiyeh held unity as the precursor of Muslims' desired condition noting, "What can solidify the structure of the Islamic community is the unification of the Islamic Ummah."