Unity diplomacy places emphesis on common ideals: Religious instructor

"Unity diplomacy is a mechanism of Islamic coherence with an emphasis on common ideals," stressed a Sunni cleric and instructor.
Publish date : Tuesday 10 October 2017 13:11
Code: 287894

Mamousta Seyyed Khaled Rasoul Zadeh, Sunni cleric and the instructor at the religious seminary of Boukan in an exclusive interview with Taqrib News Agency (TNA) placed accentuation on the necessity and prime importance of adopting the diplomacy of unity in reasoning out the standing setbacks Muslims nations are plunged in.

Counting unity as the sole means and way against enemies, the seasoned thinker stressed, "To succeed, Muslims must have a single queue against their foes."

"It is incumbent upon the Ummah of Islam to form a united front against the enemy," asserted Mamousta Seyyed Khaled Rasoul Zadeh noting, "The Holy Qur'an has also called all Muslims (from all sects) a united nation, thereupon, some minute issues should not cause Muslims to be parted."

"The enemies of Islam are constantly seeking to create divisions between Shiite and Sunni Muslims," underlined the religious cleric noting, "May what the enemy has in mind be foiled through unity."

"Unity in the present era is like breathing in an open air," highlighted the instructor at the religious seminary of Boukan urging Muslims to refrain from taking any measures leading to disunity which in turn lays the way for enemies to exploit the resulted situation in their own favor.